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JADE Magazine


Audrey and Ellen are the founders of JADE Magazine, a lifestyle magazine created by Asian women for Asian women that endeavors to be the reference for working professionals. I first contacted both women for a client’s business story, and our decade-long friendship has lasted to this day. I love how they continue to hold true to their dreams, pursue busy careers and still manage to be wonderful mothers to their children. They are the voice of JADE magazine.

Why did you start JADE?
APC: Back in 1999, I felt that there were not many outlets for Asian American women to be heard nor seen. Many of the mainstream media didn’t include us, nor did they provide content that was relevant to Asian American women’s issues. So, Ellen and I used our experiences to create a magazine to fill the void.

The Usuals…

Why do you do what you do?
APC: I still feel that Asian American women voices are not loud enough in the US. Some of the stereotypes still exist. Just the other night I was chatting with a couple of new friends and they mentioned how smart all Asian Americans were, but I had to correct them that not ALL of us are smart. We are a group of people with diverse characters, point-of-view, and values. Just like other group of people categorized by race, religion, language, or gender. I just don’t like stereotypes in general.

EH: There’s also the fact that we don’t want to let our long-time readers and contributors down but just letting the magazine fade away. Our contributors have helped the magazine so much over the years that it doesn’t seem right to stop just yet.

What makes you want to wake up in the morning?
APC: Everything. On a personal note, I have to get my boys to preschool so that I can have some me time to exercise, paint, and work on JADE Magazine. On a professional note, there is still so much more that JADE
Magazine needs to accomplish.

EH: Nothing. I’ve never really been a morning person. Unfortunately, my son is (my daughter takes after me). Seriously though, what gets me going in the morning is knowing that I have a lot to do and a limited amount of time so I need to make the most of the day.

How do you get your inspiration to balance all your responsibilities in life and still manage JADE?

APC: It’s not easy with two little ones, but my passion is JADE Magazine, so I do it because I love it.

EH: It definitely isn’t easy balancing family and the magazine at times but when it comes to crunch time, I plow through it because it’s very satisfying to see the end product come out of all the chaos.

Who is your inspiration?
APC: All women those took the road less traveled.

EH: I don’t think there’s one specific person who inspires me.

If you were given the chance to relive your life all over again, who would you be?

APC: That’s a tough one. I like being me.

EH: I don’t know if I’d change much in my life if I had a
chance to do things over again.

What is your favorite dish?
APC: Sashimi
EH: Korean fried chicken

Your three rules to live by?
APC: 1. Expect curve balls. 2. Learn to manage them. 3. Use them to your advantage.

EH: Enjoy what you do, be true to yourself, and don’t
be afraid of making mistakes.

Your must-have make-up?

APC: Dark brown liquid eyeliner
EH: tinted lip balm

Your proudest accomplishment?

APC: My children and JADE Magazine
EH: I’d say the same.

Audrey Panichakoon Crone worked as a graphic designer and information architect at various companies in New York City, as well as abroad (South Africa and South Korea). At 30, she co-founded JADE Magazine with Ellen Hwang. Born in Bangkok, Thailand, and raised in Washington DC area. She recieved her M.S. from Pratt Institute, NY.

Ellen was born in NYC but grew up in St. Paul, MN. Graduated from the University of Minnesota Law School and moved to NYC. Worked in legal publishing as an Attorney Editor. Met Audrey and started
the magazine.

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